Tuesday, August 12, 2008

道具, 手段 - device

It has be just constructed, and is beautiful.
The convenience store is near and is convenient.
Quiet residential area and affordable.
Being possible to buy it by this price : only now.

Praising it not is, and praising it by force are clear.
You can surely cheaply buy the building where such PR release queues up .
It is worth doing the discount negotiation.
It writes it dividing PR release into two kinds often seen with the handbill etc.

A sense of existence shines. This quality.
It was encompassed by dazzling light.
The environment is excellent.
It is highest good.
It is possible to move in immediately.

The ○ line and the ○ station can be used for the station for ○ minute.
All installed electrical appliances.
The caretaker of building reside.
It walks to the school and the park for ○ minutes.
Ancillary parking.
The sink of kitchen is wide, and the gas stove is 3.

Do you understand the difference?
PR release that you wrote is an unpraising and negative information.

Ref.【from sentences in the weekly manga-magazine ''Morning"】

参照【p.291, 人間の条件,ハンナ・アレント著,筑摩文庫】

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